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All you should know before heading for Madagascar

Lemuri Tour Voyage, Madagascar

Located in the southern hemisphere of the globe, Madagascar is a particular island which is to be discovered with the eyes as well as the heart. However, before leaving, it’s indispensable to get well-prepared to have a trip without a hitch.

Choosing the suitable season

To make the most of a holiday in Madagascar, it is important to know the climate which prevails in each region. In fact, generally speaking, there are two distinguishable seasons, such as the rainy season, which is noted from November to April, and the austral wintertime from June to October. Nevertheless, some areas have quite a heavier rainfall comparing to other areas all throughout the year, as is the case of the east coast. The north, the west, and the south can be visited easily all the year long, though.

Getting one’s visa


Having a visa is compulsory. You can make your request to the consulate before your departure, to gain time, but you can also do it at the airport when you arrive. It has been free of charge before, but now you are to pay fees for it. To know how much it costs, it’s preferable to ask for information on the website of the consulate. When you are asking for your visa, don’t forget to take your passport with you, whose validity should extend to six month after your return, as well as your authenticated return flight ticket or an attestation of a flight booking issued by a travel agency.

Take care of your health

The destination for Madagascar does not require any specific vaccine. However, it’s preferable to take some precautions. Thus, have an updated DTCP as well as the vaccine against hepatitis A and B, and against cholera. It is also recommended to plan to have a rabies vaccine, because in the big towns as well as in remote villages, the stray dogs are many. A treatment against malaria is also a must.